Noni Benefits

Noni fruits have been reported to possess a selection of health advantages for:

– cleansing

– anti-inflammatory activity

– immune enhancement and tumor-inhibition

– ┬ácommon colds

– cancer

– diabetes

– bronchial asthma

– hypertension

– skin infection

– high bloodstream pressure

– mental depression

– coronary artery disease

– joint disease

Noni consists of the antibacterial compounds within the fruits (acubin, L-asperuloside and alizarin) and roots (anthraquinones). Noni fruit also consists of Scopoletin which suppresses the development of Escherichia coli, which accounts for intestinal infections, and Heliobacter Pylori, which in turn causes stomach problems. Damnacanthal, which can be found in the Noni roots, suppresses the Tyrosine Kinase and provides a Noni fruit anti-tumor activity.